We are about reporting the stories concerning the relentless environmental catastrophes and ecological disasters throughout the world which are never told by the Mainstream Media (MSM).

This is not about fear-mongering or exaggerating stories that are already too extraordinary to blow out of proportion.

We fully recognize that, when you are dealing with chemical contamination, pollution or poisoning, it is very easy for the MSM to downplay the actual effects on human life, the animals or the environment. Chemicals, as well as other types of pollution, are often unseen, not felt or smelled, and therefore it is very easy for the perpetrators to cover-up a developing situation which may very well evolve into a national healthcare emergency.

The BP Gulf Oil Spill really cued many of us to the many tricks and devices employed by the MSM. They are, after all, paid for and bought by the corpocracy that effectively owns them. How could we expect anything different to come from their presses and publishers, TV and radio stations, websites and blogs.

Until the order of things changes in a very profound and fundamental way, there will be those among us who will shine the light of truth on the many events happening around the globe which demand our collective attention. Nothing ever happens in isolation, and so what happens to one, happens to all.

The core mission here, however, is to put all who read these words in the position of making the most informed decision possible, should they be affected directly or indirectly by any of the cataclysms on which we report. In this regard we function as a sort of global gazette – the kind that used to really tell you what was going on in your own backyard.

By the way, we are directly connected to the new Multi-Media Mothership Platform, which seeks to function as a countervailing influence in compensation for all that the MSM fails to do in the public interest. Simply put, the MSM has dropped the ball so many times that someone, somewhere has to pick it up and run with it like never before given the extremely unpredictable, turbulent and challenging time facing the planet.

No matter where you are,
With every good wish-


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  1. P. Kavin says:

    Thank you dearly for devoting your energy and efforts to clarity and sanity. Trying to accomplish such a feat in a not so brave new world seems astonishing given campaigns of disinformation and intimidation, and the cynical sense of helplessness many of us face in making daily decisions aimed at reducing our degrading environmental influence. With sanity and clarity comes hope. Thank you.

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