Cancer causing ‘Hot Particles’ detected in Seattle

Hot particles in the form of alpha-emitting plutonium (Pu-238) were released from the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan after it was compromised by the earthquake/tsunami on March 11, 2011.

“Alpha radiation from plutonium and other alpha-emitting radionuclides can be blocked by skin or even a piece of paper but it is the most biologically destructive form of ionizing radiation when the alpha-emitting substance is deposited in the soft tissue of internal organs like the lung. The alpha tracks shown here were captured over a two-day period.” Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, Berkeley California, September 1982.

The following link from the Department of Nuclear Engineering at UC Berkeley takes up the same subject in one of their blogs:
Cancer causing ‘Hot Particles’ detected in Seattle

Plutonium in Lung Tissue: The dark, star-like image in this photograph (magnified 500 times) shows tracks from alpha particles radiating front a speck of plutonium lodged in the lung tissue of an ape.


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One Response to Cancer causing ‘Hot Particles’ detected in Seattle

  1. I am watching as our whole world falls apart. I pray for the people of the Gulf Daily and the people of the World.
    The lies are wreched and the people are not being protected.
    I am sending this to a friend of mine, who is in Enviromental Law and has been so good to me.
    I have met such good people in my travels and videoing the effects.
    I ask you how long can we let the US destroy everything near and dear to our hearts.
    I have asked the Universe so many times what is the answer, what can I do to make a difference. The answer is to stand up in unity with all, love each other, work together and I am ready to go to battle, for my life is the life of the people I see harmed and tortured and the lies. The lie is that we have been taken down the yellow brick road only to be placed in Hell. I will not back down.
    Much Love,

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