Hungary Toxic Sludge Catastrophe Reminiscent of BP Gulf Oil Spill Disaster

Here’s the top headline on Yahoo! News on Thursday, October 7, 2010 regarding the Toxic Sludge Disaster in Hungary:

Scientists say heavy metal in sludge not dangerous (AP)

And here’s the proof for those who are as incredulous as we were about such an irresponsible and utterly uninformed scientific proclamation:

Many of us have come to view the Associated Press as a reincarnation of PRAVDA during the heyday of the Soviet Union.  If you followed many of the AP headlines during the BP Oil Spill, like this one below, you will see a similar pattern of serious disinformation and cover-up for their corporate sponsors.  They really do need to be called out from now on for this well-established pattern of disseminating patently false information.

Remember this headline which appeared on April 23th after the Deepwater Horizon sank in the Gulf of Mexico:

Coast Guard: No oil leaking from sunken rig (USA Today)

Again, for those who disbelieve such a headline ever appeared in USA Today, here it is:

Now back to the Hungary Toxic Spill, they’re telling us that:

The AP, on the other hand, is telling us:

For the uninitiated, it is quite difficult to find a heavy metal that isn’t dangerous in the concentrations that have been reported by those who are familiar with waste reservoirs such as this one in Kolontar, Hungary.  Therefore, to make such a worldwide claim is quite shocking and disturbing.  Heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic, lead, nickel, cadmium, thallium and plutonium have all demonstrated their highly toxic and, in many cases, dangerously poisonous effects in living organisms.

“In medical usage, heavy metals are loosely defined[1] and include all toxic metals irrespective of their atomic weight: “heavy metal poisoning” can possibly include excessive amounts of iron, manganese, aluminium, mercury, cadmium, or beryllium (the fourth lightest element) or such a semimetal as arsenic.”  Per Wikipedia – Heavy metal (chemistry)

The Pictures Speak For Themselves And Need No Commentary From The MSM

Let’s take a look at some recent photos which were taken around the site of the toxic spill in Hungary:

As for the harm to life, the pictures tell the real story as they did for the BP Oil Spill.

Just how safe is the area, even after the “Scientists” reported via the  aforementioned headline through their propaganda organ known as the AP?!

Scientists say heavy metal in sludge not dangerous (AP)

Once again, we’ll let the photos tell the real story.

Do you remember the AP article on May 4th with the headline:
Paranoia, Anxiety Grow Over Gulf Coast Oil Spill (AP)

Many of us found this suggestion of paranoia about the oil and dispersant coming ashore and doing its damage so over the top that, well, Yahoo! News disappeared the article the very same day.  How do you spell –  I N D E F E N S I B L E ?

Back to Hungary, the disruption of everyday life is so overwhelming that the Prime Minister of Hungary, upon viewing the environmental havoc, was quoted as follows: “The prime minister called the worst-hit area a total write-off, saying he saw “no sense” in rebuilding in the same location.”

“The whole settlement should be bulldozed into the ground,” bellowed resident Janos Potza. “There’s no point for anyone to go back home.”   (Per AP article link below)

Most are unable to tell just how large this reservoir was.  The earth-moving equipment pictured below gives the viewer the proper perspective.

Just how telling is the title of this photo-documentary?
Hungary Toxic Sludge Catastrophe Reminiscent of BP Gulf Oil Spill Disaster

Submitted by:
Healthcare Professionals for Clean Environment

Dr. Tom Termotto
National Coordinator
Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference (International Citizens’ Initiative)
SKYPE: Gulf_Advocate

May we all do whatever we can to prevent these calamities from occurring in the future.

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19 Responses to Hungary Toxic Sludge Catastrophe Reminiscent of BP Gulf Oil Spill Disaster

  1. lee says:

    I am so totally ashamed to belong to my species. As we are – we should never, ever leave this planet. We should have to live in our own filth, the filth we have created. We should drown in it …annihilate ourselves. Sooner the better. Good job done. Makers of our own destiny. Please do not say ‘but I’m not like that – I care!’. Over the history of our species and this planet (and it is not ours!!!) it is those that ‘care’ who have sat idle while the money-power addicts have over-ruled, deceived and destroyed everything that is precious. It is the ‘god-fearing’ and the ‘peacekeepers’ that have promoted their wishywashiness as ‘the only way’. Wake up. You can’t ‘compromise’ – you can’t just ‘talk’ to some entities. It is time to undo your hands – hands and minds rendered useless – locked in the prayers and meditations – the dog tricks taught to you by the very same entities, centuries ago. They put you on your knees and into lotus position for a reason! Undo your hands now, stand up and fight!

    • Dennis says:

      And are you fighting or just shooting off your mouth? What are you doing other than judging others while you yourself are probably setting on your butt????

      • brian t says:

        the fight is as i said as easy as cutting up your credit cards, paying off debt, and not ever for any reason including those “points” you get (which are nothing compared to the amount of money you create for them each time you use the card regardless if you pay off each month or in the next hour)

        Ending credit is ending the end game, this is the easiest way to fight and it involves no fighting at all, if you are in a chokehold you cannot fight anyway, but if you are out you can at least walk away and let the fight end itself

  2. Concrete man says:

    Once we stopped being hunters and gatherers, the trouble began. Been growing exponentially every since. As the planet continues to die, the technofascists prepare the “lucky” few for transhumanism.

  3. BK Lim says:

    As I was saying, the problems afflicting us is worldwide. There are many more environmental disasters awaiting us, because in the last 20 years industrialists and explorationists have undercut many safety measures. Fabricated installation certificates, inspections etc.

    If you look at the photos closely, you can see evidence of under-toe erosion. The toxic dam was a “time bomb” just waiting to blow. The foundation had already weakened from years of underground seepages.

    How many more dams will fail? You will be surprised if we really do an independent check.

  4. fishwarrior says:

    what are we to do? what CAN any of us do? apparently we can not do much about BP/Gulf disaster nor the ‘sludge’/dam disaster. there are many more of these dams around the world that this can happen to–as stated by bk lim and i’ve seen that on the news—how–if possible–can this be prevented?

    • BK Lim says:


      Instead of constructing new ship-shoddy projects just to make new money, the govt can spend the money to check & truly inspect the old structures, and perform the actual remedial works before the disaster happens. It will create new jobs in the risk assessment and remedial work sector. May not be as lucrative as new construction since no hefty profit margins can be made on cost cutting. There is no sense of new construction if what we had constructed are at risk. Of course those who had ran foul of the law will be prosecuted.

      Apparently the company which constructed and own the dam was highly profitable and an established big corp in Hungary. But so was BP.

  5. The thing that struck me most about this story was not that it ruptured, nor that they lied and said the sludge was not dangerous; but the acceptance of the idea to simply store HUGE open air toxic waste in the first place.

    When looking at the pictures, I was amazed how BIG this project is. And the reservoir is near full. It is no doubt, seeping into the lower land levels and water tables and interacting with the air. But someone thought it was a swell idea to simple store trillions of cubic meters (done anyone actually know how much?) of toxic, heavy metal sludge in above ground, man-made lake is simply (beyond) amazing to me.

    James A. Jancik (host of Feet to the Fire Radio)

    • BK Lim says:

      James, I couldn’t agree with you more. Makes you wonder whether the regulatory bodies approving this reservoir must have vetted the project proposal with their eyes closed.

      I could have said the same thing with BP’s application for Macondo Exploratory wells.

  6. brian t says:

    STOP USING YOUR CREDIT CARDS AND TAKING OUT LOANS, ALL OF THIS STOPS, “money” out of thin air creates demand, “money” for people to spend, more consumption. When demand slows, the whole game stops, and we can grow and prosper proportionate to what nature can handle.

    All you need to do is look at the correlation of the human population growth chart to oil and credit consumption and you will clearly see how it all went down.

    Each time you sign a cc receipt you are creating more money for them to “create” and lend. When this “fake money” is borrowed into existence we have problems; this is how it happens.

    They need more borrowing to keep it going – the virus needs food.

    I know you are thinking you pay it off each month, that is not the point, the signature creates the money – PERIOD!

  7. George French says:

    It would appear that perhaps some of the more devious eurocrats don’t appreciate Hungary’s stance on many issues. There is a rash of anti-EU sentiment with the Jobbik party getting 47 seats in the last election. Many years ago Hungary formed an alliance with Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic called the Visegrad Group. It sought energy security as an association within the EU. We all know what happened to Poland in Katyn 2. Now we see Hungary’s sediment. If Slovakia or the Czech Republic acquire an affliction, we’ll know for sure. I guess that’s why we need alternative media like Conspiracy Cafe on That Channel. The world moves at the speed of the predator not the prey.

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  9. Now let us just talk about a whole planet that is Endocrine disrupted, We have smeared on, Pesticided ourselves, eaten hydrogenated oils that are on molecule away from plastic, bought petrochemical based cleaning products that are poisoning homes, used Airfresheners that are nothing but poison (up to 600) undeclared chemicals, perfumes not based in Essential Oils are toxic, plastics are leeching nano-molar to pico molar amounts of dangerous chemicals into its contents, our foods since 1930 have been placed in leeching tin cans, not to mention GMO’s, we have allowed big pharma, oil companies, food companies, big agriculture to tell us what we can eat. We the people need to take our country back from religious zealots and our criminals in Washington. This election I wish they had a box that says…None of the ABOVE. and Genetic Roulette, Watch the Movie Food Inc.
    We get the government we deserve by virtue of our collective consciousness.
    I was fighting this drilling battle and marching against Nuclear power in the 1970’s
    I think everyone here with common sense can answer that question. For every dollar you put on a counter to pay for products you are voting, because it is all about the money.
    Lastly if you want to know what it is going to look like, if we don’t stand up and be counted, watch the movie “The Book of Eli.”
    Trisha Springstead RN

  10. soldatheero says:

    “Don’t expect anything to be easy. Life will be full of problems, and the world even more so. In fact, in years to come the world will reach a zenith of anti-God thinking, immorality, lust and greed, because the ending of a vast cycle of cycles is taking place. But after the climax, a new era of brotherly love will be ushered in by God, who knows all that is going on.”
    Meher Baba

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