Hello world!

We are a very serious environmental health advocacy blog.

If you aren’t ready to hear the truth, you probably aren’t ready to read this blog, or view the upcoming photo-documentaries.

If you are into reading and seeing the truth in the most raw, in your face tradition, then welcome to: World Awash In Environmental Armageddon

It’s all about the facts concerning current environmental health crises in which real people are being seriously affected in real time.  Sometimes those effects are immediate and traumatic; mostly they are imperceptible, insidious, but nonetheless harmful to the human body and surrounding environment.

Let the blog begin … in earnest!

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5 Responses to Hello world!

  1. This is a complete and utter fabrication by the MSM…initially the worst is reported on and then the facts become murky and under-reported and downplayed…changing the consciousness of those that are following the story. To those of us that pay attention, it seems that there is an agenda here to report disinformation instead of the truth…

  2. Concrete man says:

    Hello Anita,

    I think you are right. Either we are in a technospheric breakdown, as Dr. Tom Termotto said regarding deep oil drilling disasters, or there is a Mossad led false flag conspiracy going on here. Or both. From one point of view, the infrastructure of the modern world is getting old and countries are broke, so they cannot maintain things properly. On the other hand, the Zionist Cabal is using such a situation to carry out false flag warfare, toward what purpose can only be understood from a reading of that most pathological of all tracts, the Protocols of Zion.

    Thank you to whoever put up this blog.

    • Concrete man,
      There is a confluence of many circumstances that is contributing to the significant uptick in environmental disasters which we all need to be aware of, if only for our personal safety.
      1. Technospheric Breakdown
      2. Worldwide Economic Depression
      3. Unenlightened Government Leadership
      4. World Shadow Government which uses calamity/chaos as opportunity to sew fear
      5. Equipment/Technology which has not been upgraded to meet the obvious needs and consequent challenges/contingencies
      6. Inherently unsustainable platforms, technologies, process & procedure, etc. across the board of modern civilization, especially throughout industry
      7. Urbanization of the world – proliferation of the megalopolis
      8. Globalization of the economy; centralization of power everywhere (e.g. EU)
      9. Planetary population approaching 7 billion – fulfilling the real and perceived needs/wishes of so many
      10 Consumer society with so much artificial demand created by a global marketing machine (TV) which caters to a materialistic mindset
      11 Rule by corpocracy which lacks any degree of social responsibility

      We’re sorry to say that we could go on, and on, and on ….

      For the sake of illustration of just how much one of these causes can contribute to our global predicament, let’s focus on our regular study of technospheric breakdown which we “got” from Jose Arguelles.

      Consider for a moment just the electrical infrastructure of the entire world. Then the sewage and water conduits.
      Then the roads, highways and byways.
      Then the buildings, bridges and edifices of every sort and kind.
      Then our system for waste disposal.
      Then our computers and IT template, especially the ones that are no longer supported or are failing because they’re PCs – made to fail by Microsoft

      All of these are in constant breakdown with very little attention paid to repair and necessary upkeep. How do you effectively maintain and repair the degrading sewage system of NYC? Then multiply this one issue by all the major cities of the world ! ! !

      You get the picture.
      Dr. Tom T

      • brian t says:

        as a race we have conspired against ourselves, we ALL let this happen, we have never once stood up and recognized the slow erosion of everything, (like that wall in hungary) it can sit forever… until one day. We have been at that day many times.

        Taxes are %1 then %5 then %13 and so on, this war then that one and so on.

        If a bank robber goes to a bank and each time he can rob it what do you expect.

        If every time you drive you give someone the finger and hate your next door neighbour, and the ref who makes a bad call, and the mayor and your boss, you are the start of this frequency of destruction for you and all of us…. in the biosphere technosphere whatever.

        Look at the millions and maybe billions by now of food we have burned etc. to keep prices high for pit boys on wall street.

        Maybe creation is saying ok if you dont need the food then so be it.

        We hate the banks but all we know about money system is there is a bank machine at every 7 11…. thank god

        We don’t even know we as humans do not exist we are corporations signed over at birth…. or berth…. we are strawmen.

        Do you really think the powers that be gave up on us being slaves or did they (in 1933 in usa for example) come up with a way to keep us quiet as slaves? And yes that is 33 not 13 although 13 was another doozy

        nearly all countries were bankrupted to pay the queen perpetual interest on even now the air we breath

        You think you own your house? try not paying property taxes for a few years!!!

        We continue credit, this continues the game without us continually accepting debt (which we now except because they devalue currency raise prices and lower wages which almost forces us into DEBTORS.

        IF we all just used cash as much as possible accepted driving a 5 year old car as ok, lived with only a 30 inch tv that we paid for etc. we would be ok.

        Consumption is the engine of disaster, more credit lets them make more “money” for us to use the more of this that exists the more we “buy”

        we are just now breaking nature down to this, credit is where it starts

        As has been said look at oil, credit and population growth charts, they are virtually the same.

        Once credit became ok to issue (lets say 1694 in london) look what happened, the environment etc. is just a casualty of such

        They will never stop unless you do in all these things, end the war with your wife, kids, neighbour boss etc. and this is how other wars end

        This is above all a battle of frequencies, how else would you expect society/the earth/creation to behave when all we want is death, we get it, it is the law

        how do we stop this, end credit end war, that is all that is the answer period.

  3. Hello,
    EPA we own you, not the government,
    CDC we own you, not the government,
    Counties, Cities and States, we own you, not the Government
    I have watched disease and pestilence all of my life, I have reported to everyone for the past five years that there is a pandemic coming down the pike and you know who you are. You turn a deaf ear to our warnings and the suffering of the people here in the United States. It is time to wake up and take our country back, it is a ticking time bomb ready to explode, while we send our young out to be slaughtered. We provide arms to other countries and then have wars with them. WHO is running this show??
    Trisha Springstead RN

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